Our Story

Decolonize Together is a collective of Indigenous, Black, POC & Settler womxn and non-binary educators, academics, artists and activists.

We initially came together to provide decolonial education, training, workshops, media support, organizational evaluations,  curriculum and program development to the organizations, communities, and youth programs that we were a part of. This work evolved because we wanted to transform those spaces into empowering and enriching places where we could thrive, rather than the oppressive and marginalizing structures we so often had to exist within.

From our first workshop on, we knew we had co-created pedagogy that was powerful and transcendent. Ever since, our work has been sought after by a myriad of organizations seeking to work towards a culture of equity, integrity and respect. 

Both internally and externally we operate as trauma informed, egalitarian, feminist and committed to healing justice. We are non-competitive, we place quality over quantity and we only work with organizations who are aligned with our values and who are committed to doing the work.


“The workshop offered key insights that had a transformative effect on me. The decolonial 101 workshop my colleagues and I did with Decolonize Together was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in my professional life.”

Kim G

“[I experienced] the realization that part of my purpose here as a settler is to be a responsible party to any existing treaties and to locate myself fully, right where I am on occupied land – rather than shying away from it. This means actively engaging in visioning the future, on a foundation of truth – past and present – with indigenous communities upon whos lands I live. I am grateful to be here, now.”

Jessica H 

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful work. I really appreciate being able to learn. You women are amazing, and there aren’t enough words to say how grateful we were to be able to have your lessons and how we admire/acknowledge the generational pain you carry every day.”

Leo K

Our Partners & Our Past Clients