What We Offer

Decolonial 101 Workshop

This full day workshop is a requirement for any organizations that seek to work with us in an ongoing capacity. This full day workshop is experiential and invites each participant to explore their personal location, family history and current work in relation to the impacts and outcomes of colonialism. From a foundation of self location the workshop assists participants to identify specific points of entry to enact tangible strategies for decolonization across multiple aspects of their lives and work. Through our intersectional model of colonial history as it relates to personal location we coach participants on how to evaluate and address implicit prejudice, privilege and cultural barriers in their work.

Advanced Workshops

Available upon request. We addressing specific areas such as:

 ✓ Gender inclusivity 

Trauma informed practice 

 ✓ non-violent Communication 

 ✓ cultivating Resiliency 

 ✓ Unpacking whiteness

 ✓ Lateral Violence 

 ✓ Intergenerational trauma

We Also Offer :


JEDI internal audit

Phase One of a multi-phase cultural evaluation of an organization’s current climate as it relates to the organization’s ability to reach, engage with and foster successful collaboration BIPOC staff and clients.


Strategic Planning

Building off findings found in Phase one, we provide guidance for visioning, restructuring and implementing key goals identified by your organization.


Cultural relevance and sensitivity consultation

Culturally relevant feedback and considerations to integrate towards adjusting current programing to make it more accessible, identifying structural barriers to inclusivity, HR practices that may be discriminatory.


Program and curriculum development

We bring expertise towards creating programming and curriculum that is both relevant, engaging and accessible to the communities you hope to engage with.


Outreach and Engagement

We bring a rich network and specific innovative insights about how to best reach and resonate with BIPOC communities.