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Perpetua is a multi-disciplinary, multimedia artist based in London who slowly and peacefully creates in the edgelands between creativity, technology, and somatics. Recently graduating with first-class honors in Human Sciences from UCL, she furthered her experience by interning at a world-renowned maternal and fetal gene therapy lab, all the while creating meaningful art.

With her diverse skills, Perpetua has left her mark across the creative industry. She has directed, designed movements, and written for theater, notably assisting on a historical musical at The Hackney Empire in collaboration with the London cast of Hamilton. Her writing talent led to her being invited to the Young Writers programs at The National Theater. As a commissioned artist she has created a digital installation for The Royal Court exploring rest as an act of resistance, where her writing has also been performed.

As a filmmaker, she was a production assistant at one of the few black-owned and Emmy-nominated British production companies, using her creative talents to amplify black narratives in the service of justice. She has also brought her storytelling abilities to the advertising industry, working with renowned brands such as Nike and Penguin Roundhouse.

At the heart of her work, Perpetua is driven by a desire to connect people back with themselves, to the soft and delicate parts which are so often exiled, without us being conscious of it. As a differently-abled dancer and choreographer, she has designed movements for several plays in theaters across London and consulted on accessibility at leading UK dance organizations.

Perpetua is passionate about wellbeing and mental health, currently completing a Mind-Body coaching certification from Embody Lab and the first phase of her three-year Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement®) certification.

While managing chronic fatigue and pain, Perpetua has, with the support of her community, embraced this challenging period as a time of personal growth and resourcing, reigniting her interest in math and machine learning by completing the first specialization of Stanford Online’s machine learning program.

Formerly an avid freediver, Perpetua anticipates returning to the water and incorporating her love for it into her future artistic projects. Her experiences have equipped her to create transformative experiences that interweave her knowledge of somatics, creativity and technology and are aimed at effecting positive change in the world. She is excited to share her learnings and talents with her beloved communities.

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